The Secret Garden

Can you keep a secret?

Mary Lennox is lost and lonely, sent away from her home in India she finds herself in the wilds of Yorkshire in a vast mansion owned by a distant Uncle. Soon the house begins to give up its mysterious stories, but can she find the key to the secret garden and discover what’s inside? A story of unlocking hearts and minds, the redemptive power of nature and why some rules should be broken…..

Breathing new life into Frances Hodgson Burnet’s beloved children’s classic, Proteus incorporates their signature style with circus, puppetry, film and live music. A tale of love and of friendship that encourages its audience to use their imagination after the curtain has fallen. A truly beautiful experience to witness the next generation of children find joy in a timeless tale.

simply captivating

- The Stage

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This magical show is bought to life by the creative team who bought you ‘The Little Mermaid’ with puppetry and creation by Nick Ash of Scratchbuilt Productions. The show has been adapted and directed by Proteus artistic director Mary Swan who said the inspiration to make the show came from her (then) 8 year old daughter, who had just finished reading The Secret Garden for the first time. The show was designed by Sam Pine who has worked with Mary Swan on numerous projects, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast and Houdini, to name a few.

Photography by Pamela Raith

The Secret Garden’s lush visual production toured to rural community and arts centres, schools and studio spaces during Winter 2012/13.

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