Resident Artists

Katie Smith Ceramics

The continually changing landscape fascinates Katie and has become the main influence behind her drawings and sculptural pieces.

In her own words she is “obsessed with how human touch has always had a huge impact on the world around us. Now, in urban life, we are surrounded by a new landscape where streetlights and signposts, chimneys and aerials have replaced the trees and rock forms of a more natural setting.” Katie uses ceramic structures to create her own landscape of forms.

Shying away from heavy glazing, Katie chooses to use oxides and stains to colour her work, as she has a love of the raw, urban look that these give to her pieces. They highlight the textural and linear nature of the relief and celebrate the earthy properties of the material.

Katie also runs regular ceramics classes for beginners and improvers from her studio in The Red House at the Creation Space and regularly teaches at local colleges across the Borough.

Kev Munday

Kev Munday is a street artist hailing from Basingstoke and creates colourful utopian worlds and invites the viewer to spend some time living in them.

Inspired by people-watching and the everyday, Kev exaggerates and celebrates the ordinary and aims for his art to appeal to all ages.

Using bold lines and block colours, the vibrancy of Munday’s style creates an enthralling visual experience. His iconic crowd paintings depict a sea of unique individuals which pays tribute to the beauty found in diversity. Each individual portrait is equally valued, taken altogether, the effect is a striking vision of community which is more than the sum of its individual parts.

Kev has recently been named by the Telegraph as a ‘British artist to invest in right now’ and the best-selling British artist of the year on Artfinder and in 2019, Kev's piece 'Family' was selected to be exhibited at The Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition

Recent projects include a 15 metre tall mural in Düsseldorf, Germany, live painting at The Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam, a collaborative poster with IKEA and a hand painted police car for his local constabulary.

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