He is coming from the east, the wolves are howling and the storm is gathering, what will you do when he finds your door?

A recreation of the classic horror by Bran Stoker, Dracula. Reimagined by Proteus’ Mary Swan, into a heady mix of circus, physical performance, film and music.

Arran Glass as Dracula, depicts the strength and power of the undead through the medium of aerial silk and trapeze. An enticing and clever way to creating the othering of the audience.

This spellbinding retelling is the work of Mary Swan as adapted and directed by, designed by Sam Pine and music by Paul Wild. The artistic creation of the team who bought you ‘The Elephant Man’ and ‘Below Zero’.


"This interpretation of the legendary horror story is a sinister improvisation on themes previously explored but developed with creative ingenuity."

- Julie Watterson - Basingstoke Gazette

A delve into the gothic, with a bewitching juxtaposition of classical and modern. This modern adaptation uses choreography as a representation of the super natural. Choreographed by Lorraine Moneyhan, the physical elevation of Dracula is just one ingenious way to show the difference between the ‘monster’ and Lucy, played by Jennifer Gabriele.

This production stays true to the original gothic themes of the 19th century, displaying those of love, lust, immortality and obsession. The use of music in this dramatic retelling is particularly fear wrenching, with spell-bounding work by Paul Wild. Truly a feast for the senses which will captivate and terrify the audience, unable to look away through the gaps in your fingers.

Perfect for:
  • Fans of The Gothic
  • Those aged 12+
  • The supernatural
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