In the city, success is all and ruthless ambition is rewarded. The only problem is, how do you control it before it consumes you and your family?

This new adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth by award-winning theatre company Proteus takes the macabre tale to the trading room floor set against the background of the ‘greed is good’ corporate landscape of 1980s Britain.

A Great Storm, a Black Monday, a market crash that reverberates across the world – Proteus’ Macbeth is suffused with decadence and aggression as a tormented soul finds the noose of bravado begin to tighten. Exploring the pressures of race, class and identity, sudden betrayal and even more sudden violence shake a society to its core. Macbeth interrogates how Thatcher’s government legitimised behemoth corporations to act above the law – like the feuding Thanes of Scotland. 

Working closely with Theatre Ad Infinitum’s George Mann to create a highly physical, major new interpretation of a classic, this Macbeth is a gripping corporate thriller, set to an electrifying soundtrack of 80s electro hits and synth-inspired modern classics.

A note from Director Mary Swan “A story of power and corruption within a country divided against itself, Macbeth follows the final death throes of an old political order. To create an exciting and contemporary physical production that speaks to audiences today, we have set the play in 1987 to discuss, through the prism of history, how Thatcher’s Britain and Reaganomics created our modern political and economic landscape. With a cast that is seldom seen in major Shakespearean roles, we seek to highlight the lack of diversity in classical theatre and create theatre accessible to young people.”  

Macbeth is at its greatest when it takes those audacious liberties with the source material

- A Spy In The Stalls

Lady M 450

An ingenious and brave take on the original…hats off to Proteus, a real testament to their talent

– North West End

Inventive, challenging and vivid… [we] were enthralled at this dynamic yet sensitive production, with some brilliant characterisations and intriguing role pairings

– Worthing Herald

This is a highly conceptual take on the play which includes with bold lighting, set and costume design whilst remaining true to Shakespeare’s classic text. The production features design from Kat Heath (Punch-drunk, Belle and Sebastian), drawing from the influences of the Vaporwave movement and film such as American Psycho and The Wolf of Wall Street, and iconic artists like Grace Jones. Macbeth is set to a pulsing electronic soundtrack featuring artists from the decade such as New Order, The Cure and The Eurythmics alongside contemporaries such as James Blake- all fused with specially composed original music.

Opinion piece by Director Mary Swan for Visionary Arts “So many people still feel Shakespeare isn’t for them – I want that to change” 

I reconnected with Shakespeare and was grateful for the positive ethnic role models my children experienced

– Audience member, Jacksons Lane, 2019