In the city, success is all and ruthless ambition is rewarded. The only problem is, how do you control it before it consumes you and your family?

Award-winning theatre company Proteus present a highly physical re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Macbeth as a corporate thriller which explores race, class and identity, set against the background of the ‘greed is good’ corporate landscape of 1980s Britain.

This new production features movement from George Mann of Theatre Ad Infinitum set to a soundtrack of 80s electro hits, synth-inspired modern classics and interwoven with specially composed original music.

An ingenious and brave take on the original

- North West End

Hats off to Proteus, a real testament to their talent

– North West End

Enthralled at this dynamic yet sensitive production

– Worthing Herald

Inventive, challenging and vivid

– Worthing Herald


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