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Posted on 29th September 2021
To celebrate 40 years of Proteus we are looking forward, rather than back. Protopia is the idea that we are trying to progress, to move forward in incremental, small and achievable improvements to build a better future for all. Based on the idea that just 1% change on a large scale enables the possibility of a real shift attitudinally or behaviourally for communities.

“Protopia defines a state where we’re no longer fighting for survival (Dystopia) nor are we seeking perfection (Utopia). We’ve become accountable for our need, our desire to perpetually choose the better.” Kevin Kelly 2011

Protopia is the term given to the idea of small changes we can all make to our behavior and in our habits, that can make the whole world a better place. Recycle one bottle, don’t use plastic straws, buy charity cards at Christmas, say hi to your neighbours; given what we have all been through in the past 18 months, a little really can go a long way as we’ve all seen.

The installations and performances happening around Basingstoke town centre between Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th September are a collaboration with a cohort of professional artists from across the UK and aim to inspire that small change through each encounter made with the people of Basingstoke.

What, When and Where?

Walk of the Dandelion by Luke Brown Dance – Daniel, a larger than life elderly puppet represents a figure of hope and resilience as he walks amongst us, interacting and spreading joy to those he meets. Meet him around Basingstoke town centre on Saturday 25th September from 11am to 3pm. FREE
Proteus Youth Theatre and The Proteans will stage a ‘postive protest’ street performance on Saturday 25th September, travelling from 12.30pm outside Willows Coffee Shop and moving up Church Street, down through Wote Street and ending up in Eastrop Park, joined by Daniel along the way. FREE
Paula Varjack & Chuck Blue Lowry with Sue Mayo, Jack Dean, Bordello Collective and Joe Williams with Asher Jael will be staging interactive installations on the upper deck of Festival Place from midday on Thursday 23rd to 4pm Sunday 26th September until 2pm. Using interactive projections, imagery, video, sound, participatory activities and performance, passers-by will be invited into the space.  They will be encouraged to create, play and interact with a series of micro-provocations designed to challenge our often camouflaged social conditioning and to open our hearts and minds to new ways of thinking! FREE

In addition to the above we also commissioned two new pieces of theatre writing from Pedlars and Petticoats and Danny Charles to be developed. Both pieces then were performed to live audiences for the first time at the Creation Space as part of Protopia Week.

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