In-house production Christmas 2020

Your Christmas Needs You

All you need is imagination, belief in magic and a sense of adventure...

This magical and immersive theatrical experience was a co-production between Scratchbuilt Productions and Proteus. Your Christmas Needs you brings families right into the heart of Christmas HQ to train as a Christmas elf and help to save Christmas 2020!

Mrs Christmas and her trusty helper Elfie need your help to make sure Christmas can still happen this year.

The pair have been embracing new technology and they have figured out a way to keep families together this Christmas via video calling and instant messenger.

Even the big man himself is using satellite navigation this year, (but a sprinkle of old-school magic dust is still the only thing that makes the reindeers fly)!

However, sometimes things don’t quite work out as they are supposed to…

…There has been a bit of a magical mishap in the North Pole and we need the help of some very clever children and their families to put things right. Working together we will solve clues, work out riddles, create a magical talisman and you may even have to remember a special password.

A guaranteed memory-making experience for the whole family, no matter where you are this Christmas!

For Christmas 2020 we created two different versions of Your Christmas Needs You , a digital-only and an in-person version,  giving the audience  the power decide how they would like to experience the show!

The in-person experience: A magical and immersive live show, tailored for a household/ support bubble of up to 6. The performance is a unique show for one group bubble only in the enchanting space.  In addition, other family members can be zoomed into the show, so they can also interact and experience the magic too!


A live zoom- only version of the show:  With all the elements of the in-person experience (fully live and bespoke) but with unique elements/ games that can be done from home. The performers will be interacting directly with their audience on the screen. Ideal for those who are shielding/ vulnerable and cannot attend in person.