Opening at Worthing Theatres 11/12 June

The Bloody Chamber

A dark, rich and heady re-telling of some of the most famous folk and fairy tales in western culture, using circus as a physical vocabulary for Angela Carter's fantastical stories.

What are little girls made of?
They are made of the forest floor, the blood of the moon cycle, the fluttering of wings and the turning of keys. They are made of sweat, howling notes and desire. They are made of night scented stock – heady and sweet, the lily and the rose, the knife and the rope.
They are made of all the tales our Mothers told us.
And all the ones they didn’t dare.

Using circus as a physical vocabulary, the award-winning Proteus will translate the fever dream style of Angela Carter’s macabre fairy tales to the stage. The Bloody Chamber is a heady, erotic, and surprisingly funny re-phrasing of some of the most famous folk and fairy tales in Western culture.

Proteus Theatre will bring their adaptation of Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber to the Pavilion Theatre in Worthing from 11-12 June 2021.
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At a moment when women and men across the country confront the double standards of safety, sex, and the fears of what goes bump in the night, Carter’s incendiary caustic take on fairy tales as cautionary tales could not be a more formidable challenge to the status quo.

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It is dinner-time. It is bedtime.

- Extract from The Lady of the House of Love

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The girl burst out laughing, she knew she was nobody’s meat.

– Extract from The Company of Wolves

Perfect for:
  • Those with an interest in gothic fairy and folk tales
  • Fans of Angela Carter’s work
  • Audiences who enjoy narrative circus and vivid physical theatre.
  • Anyone looking for a fantastical, theatrical, lyrical night out full of vaudevillian spirit.

The performances at Worthing Pavillion of Proteus’ production of
THE BLOODY CHAMBER, are the world premiere of this brand
new adaptation.
The show will tour in 2022 and all tour enquiries are being handled
by Ali King at Turtle Key Arts. (

Give your logic the slip and step into our world – as we all know, too much real life doesn’t do you any good…

– Extract from the production

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