Missing In Action

This is the story of two friends who join the Army…

When he joined up… I couldn’t see him sticking it. He’d never stuck at anything. But he stuck at this. It’s true what they say: it does make a man of you. Well, it made a man of him. When I saw him in his uniform! I don’t mind telling you, if I’d been any prouder I think I’d have burst.

How for one of them, the war ends…

You try not to think about it. What it must be like for them. What they’re going through. But there it is on the news; in the papers. And when you hear that the family’s been informed… Your heart goes out to them, it does truly.

How for the other the war goes on…

I know this sounds terrible – a terrible thing to say – but for them as died, well the war’s over, isn’t it? They can rest in peace. But there’s no rest for him. He’s fighting a war of his own now. And God only knows when that’ll end. Or even if.

Tender, tough and never less than touching.

Compelling viewing

- British Theatre Guide

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Written by award winning writer Brendan Murray and based on the testimony of retired and serving Service personnel and their families, Missing in Action looks back at the first World War and forward to an uncertain future to explore the often overlooked and widely misunderstood phenomenon of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how it impacts on the lives of all those affected by it.

the whole production was amazing, it brought back memories of what I had once experienced. It was extremely heartwarming

– Audience member

Missing in Action explores the emotional cycles of service personnel and their loved ones – the wives, girlfriends, friends, mothers & fathers, and how they all experience the ups, the downs, the humorous and the terrifying. From the first thought of signing up, to Passing Out, deployment, starting a family and, perhaps the most difficult of all, returning to civilian life. This production is not just about PTSD, but about the lives, experiences and futures of five individuals.

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