*NEW* The Creative Club Basingstoke

Tuesday 4.30pm - 5.30pm

The Creative Club Basingstoke is a place for young artists and their parents to meet, socialise and learn new skills

We meet weekly for a 1 hour after school creative club, where young artists and their parents meet on a regular basis to to work on improving artistic skills through inspiring sessions, and creating positive relationships.

As part of the Creative Club Basingstoke, the young person will have access to professional artists who can help them to develop their skills and demonstrate that a career in the arts is a viable option.

The parent/ carer of the young person must also attend a less formal session at the same time (in a separate room on site), with access to art materials and an opportunity to socialise with other people parenting teens.. Getting creative is a fantastic ice-breaker and helps to spark conversations between parents who sometimes feel isolated, due to there being very few opportunities for parents of older children to socialise.

We will also provide a mentor and a counsellor who can offer coping strategies on how to cope with anxieties and issues both at school and/ or at home.

Suitable for young artist aged 11-15 years old. To apply for a place, please firstly contact practitioner Becky Kitter directly and in addition complete the application form to be placed on the waiting list.

To book, please contact:

Becky Kitter

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