Basingstoke Together for International Woman’s Day

Posted on 29th March 2020

Just 3 weeks since International Woman’s Day 2020, it seem’s pertinent to share this interview that I did for Basingstoke Together. Before Covid-19 had really touched the UK and we were yet to face the biggest challenge of a generation, who knew that #flexibleworking #homeworking would become a reality for so many over us overnight?

What I hope, is that through the fog of these unprecedented times, we emerge with more understanding of one another, with new and innovative ways of working and pulling together. That we are kinder to one another, keen to understand and accommodate not just our own needs but those of others, and with a new respect for people from all walks of life. Hopefully we can work towards a future that is better for the many, not the few.


08 MARCH 2020

To celebrate International Women’s Day and our ongoing Basing Folk campaign, we spoke to influential women from around Basingstoke Town Centre. One of these was Mary George, Marketing Manager for Proteus Theatre Company.


What is your current role?
Marketing Manager for Proteus, the theatre company that also runs the Proteus Creation Space.

What does gender bias or stereotyping mean to you?
Pre-determining (even implicitly) your opinions of an individual based on the gender they identify with. This could be anything from making assumptions about their life choices/skillset/personality etc, to explicit discrimination and unequal treatment of someone based on their gender.

What examples of gender bias or stereotypes have you come up against?
On a very low level, the back-handed comments from tradespeople assuming as a woman, I know nothing about mechanics/ plumbing etc. I mean, strictly speaking, I don’t but that has nothing to do with my gender, more than DIY bores me deeply! It might seem innocuous but these deeply ingrained attitudes are what have contributed to woman being under-represented in certain industries. During the course of my career, I feel lucky to have worked for organisations where I have never felt that gender has played a role in my success or progression.

Why do we need gender equality?
Because gender equality is essentially part of human equality and we are all human beings.

How do you work to achieve gender equality in your current role?
This is a tricky question to answer in specific relation to my role. However, as a female-led organisation, Proteus have been wonderfully supportive of me working flexibly to enable me to fit my work around having two young children. As an artistic organisation Proteus very supportive of female artists in every stage of their career, locally we host some really fantastic female-led performance pieces and really give a platform for the (sometimes unheard) female voice through the work that we make. We are currently creating an adaptation of The Bloody Chamber – with an all-female cast using aerial circus and physical theatre to re-tell Angela Carter’s famously twisted fairytales!

Read the full interview here

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