How We Support Artists

Proteus supports a wide range of artists, both in terms of art form and where they are in their individual careers. From early-career circus performers to established visual artists, Proteus plays a vital role in the development of the artistic community in both Basingstoke and beyond.

Our support takes on many forms. Some examples include: supporting the development of new work through our innovative Performance Lab programme, providing affordable studio and event space through Creation Space and Spring Park House, and offering paid opportunities and collaborations through our in-house and touring programme.

In addition, we are strong believers in everyday creativity and every person’s artistic potential. We offer a range of creative classes such as life drawing and beginners trapeze, and our affiliated community theatre projects such our Youth Theatre groups and The Proteans.

If you are interested in having a conversation about how we can support your artistic development or have an artistic project you’d like to discuss, please contact our Creative Producer, Fergus Evans,