Proteus presents

Houdini – a full-length video recording



Pre-recorded performance of Houdini
Directed by Mary Swan
Performed by Lee Garrett, Magic by Roy Davenport

Escapologist, magician, secret agent, lover, husband, devoted son, enemy of the establishment.

Harry Houdini was all and none of these things. His life remains a mystery, and his greatest trick remains his ability to escape interpretation, until now….

Harry Houdini was an enigma in his own time, and the mysterious circumstances of his premature death have launched a thousand conspiracy theories ever since. The man who believed he could return from the dead spent the latter part of his career exposing fake mediums and those seeking to exploit the grief of others, despite his widow’s constant attempts to contact him after his death using an intricate code.

A breath-taking, intimate performance

Grimsby Telegraph, 2010

Using Proteus’ distinctive style of fusing physical performance, circus, film and music Harry Houdini is resurrected in this production which originally toured in 2010, to tell his remarkable story of a truly self-made man and the myths that have made him a legend.

A tremendous performance by Lee Garrett. I was enthralled with his portrayal of Houdini

Audience member, 2010

Suitable for ages 12+

To view this production

We are making this full-length film of the production available for FREE to watch online at home later this month.

Simply captivating...a worthy tribute to a showbusiness legend.

- Stage, 2010

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