We kick off 2019 with three youth theatre productions, showcasing Basingstoke's rising stars of the future!

Basingstoke Youth Theatre present

Jane Eyre

Thursday 7th March, 8pm at the Creation Space

After enduring a childhood of loss, cruelty and loneliness, orphan Jane becomes a governess at Thornfield Hall where she meets the mysterious Rochester. As their relationship blooms, Jane discovers a secret, which forces her to make the choice between her integrity and her happiness.
This classic tale, re-imagined by Basingstoke Youth Theatre, tells the story of the iconic heroine’s journey to freedom, always facing life’s obstacles head-on, fighting for fulfillment on her own terms, and ultimately learning how to listen to her heart.
Fresh from the success of October 2018's Come With Me If You Want To Live, this is the latest show from our teenage group of talented performers.

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Tickets £5


The ProPellers present

Jesters, Jousters and Donuts

Saturday 9th February, 7pm @ Central Studio, QMC College Campus

As the sun rises on Basing-Sher-Wessex-Wood, it is the day of the annual Renaissance Fayre. After many weeks of preparation, the whole village has gathered
together; the musicians are in place and the actors have assembled to celebrate this great event. However, there is a problem afoot when two officials arrive from the Department of Works to announce plans for the sale of the village green. 
Will the celebrations go ahead? Will the annual festivities be saved? Do the jolly jesters juggle with jubilation, whilst the jousters jab jauntily or can the Queens quit their quarrels to quell the quandary?
Delicious donuts surely don’t have any part to play in a Renaissance Fayre...or do they?

The ProActives present

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Sunday 10th February, 7pm @ Central Studio, QMC College Campus

Willy Wonka’s chocolate Wonka Bars are a national phenomena, an obsession even, but when the mysterious owner closes the chocolate factory that Charlie’s grandad works at, they are suddenly in short supply causing a national crisis. 
Just as suddenly as it shut the factory re-opens, this time whipping customers into a frenzy by hiding golden tickets in the wrappers of the chocolate bars. Those who find a golden ticket will win a chance to have a personal tour of the factory with Willy Wonka himself and Charlie is determined to be one of them...but the story is just beginning!
The ProActives bring Roald Dahl’s beloved story to the stage, with a vibrant set, joyful dance routines, a jazzy soundtrack and a special guest appearance from our youngest theatre group, ProActivate.

To Book

Tickets £5.50 adults, £4.50 concessions, £3.50 children

Tickets available to purchase online, by calling the box office on 01256 418318 or in person from the on site box office at Central Studio on Queen Mary's College Campus.