The Proteans present Terry Pratchett's

Wyrd Sisters

Friday 25th October, 7.30pm
Tickets £7, £5 concession

Our adult theatre workshop group the Proteans bring best-selling novelist Terry Pratchett's most famous characters to life in this hilarious and fast-paced adventure heavily inspired by Shakespeare's Macbeth!

Something is rotten and quite literally stinks in the Kingdom of Lancre. The 'New King' (the evil Duke Felment), murdered the previous King and will stop at nothing until the whole Kingdom is under his iron hand. The only person who could take back the throne is missing infant Prince. Hunted by the Duke's men, the baby finds safety under the protenction of three local witches, Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick. The witches have a rule never to interfere but with the life of a child at stake and the fate of the kingdom at hand, Granny has a saying about rules, if you are going to break them "Break the good and hard!"

Adapted for the stage by Stephan Briggs, this is a tale of a wicked duke and dutchess, the ghost of a murdered kings, dim soldiers, strolling players and a land in peril. But it is the three witches who stand between the Kingdom and destruction.

"The Proteans have once again stamped their unique mark on one of Shakespeare's much-loved plays" - Basingstoke Gazette on Much Ado About Nothing, June 2019

The Proteans are the adult drama workshop group affiliated with Proteus. A friendly and socialble group, they undertake performances regularly; the ethos is to explore creativity performance and, above all. for the sheer enjoyment of making, performing and experiencing live theatre. Find out more here.

Suitable for ages 8+

Mild bad language used infrequently


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Tickets £7, £5 concessions
Tickets available online or in person at the Creation Space. Please note we are unable to reserve tickets or take bookings over the phone.