Scrooge's Christmas Carol

written by Darren Humphries, directed by Alix Cazalet, performed by the Pro-teens

Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th January 2011

The Pro-teen’s adaptation of this old favourite, has a modern twist, which will have you laughing one minute and weeping the next.

The pantomime-esk style in which this is written will follow the tale of old Scrooge, his humble and good hearted employee Bob Scratchitt, his long suffering nephew and with three intriguing takes on the ghostly visitations, you are in for an amusing and thought provoking evening of fun and entertainment.

Oh and not forgetting ‘Lottie the Hottie’, Scrooge’s faithful, but amorous housekeeper – will Scrooge see the error of his ways or will he be doomed to a life (short as it will be!) of misery and condemnation?

YPT Scrooge poster