Let's Make History 1895

written by Clive Holland, directed by Amanda Affleck-Cruise, assisted by Ben Mills, performed by the Pro-jectors

Wednesday 11th & Thursday 12th July 2012

A new play performed by the Central Studio and Proteus Young People’s Theatre, Pro-jectors, exploring the lives of young Victorians.

It is 1895 and Basingstoke is an up and coming country town... the railway has opened up the West Country and London to the local population; it is a time of great change. This is a story of contrasts; the wealthy in the big new houses and the poor in Basingstoke’s Workhouse, the glamour of an exotic touring show and the mundanity of an industrial accident, the Co-Op and the crime of the century. Set on the Victorian streets of Basingstoke, and performed on the Victorian Street in Milestones museum, prepare to be transported back through time to the reign of Queen Victoria; though you will have to walk on your own two feet.

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