Let's Make History 1645

written by Clive Holland, directed by Ross Harvie, assisted by Ben Mills, designed by Sam Pine, performed by the Pro-teens

Wednesday 4th & Thursday 5th July 2012

A new play performed by the Central Studio and Proteus Young People's Theatre, the Pro-teens, in the magnificent Tudor Great Barn that follows the lives of a number of young people who call Basing House home, as the final siege of October 1645 comes to a close.

The great sweep of history that changed the face of England acts as the backdrop to the loves, the loves, the comedy and the tragedy of ordinary people living at the centre of these extraordinary times. For a few short weeks in October 1645 Basing House had the magnifying glass of the country trained upon it; the balance of power within England came down to Oliver Cromwell's Artillery at the Battle of Basing House. This is a touching story of hope and fear, of happiness and regret of a group of people who live in a world where everything is beyond their control. 

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