Blackout by Davey Anderson
Success by Nick Drake

directed by Amanda Affleck-Cruise, performed by the Pro-jectors

Monday 7th & Tuesday 8th February

The director writes... "Inspired by the stories of a young offender from Glasgow.  ‘Blackout’ was commissioned by the National Theatre as part of the ‘New Connections’ festival in 2008. The idea behind the project was to create a series of short plays with young people on the front line of issues making headlines in the newspapers at the time – things like teenage pregnancy, homelessness, exclusion from school and violent crime.  Davey Anderson was put in touch with a teenage boy who was being mentored by Barnado’s Youth Involvement Project. He had been charged with assault, arson and attempted murder, but was lucky to be serving only a probation sentence rather than spending a long period in jail. Davey interviewed this young man a number of times over the course of a few weeks, accumulating several hours of material and was struck by how eloquently he spoke about his experiences and how much he wanted to take control of his life by making sense of his own personal history. Selected segments from these interviews became the backbone of the narrative. The resulting play is a fictionalised account of the events surrounding the violent crime that this young man committed, spoken from the perpetrator’s perspective. 

‘Success’ on the other hand, is a fast-paced epic, yet intimate play about truth, love, greed and excess, loosely inspired by Hogarth’s allegorical sequence of paintings ‘The Rake’s Progress’, eight panels which chart the decline and fall of Thomas Rakewell. ‘Success’ strongly differentiates itself from this chilling depiction of greed and offers us a new and contemporary story that inhabits its own world and that is above all active, three-dimensional and human.  ‘Success’ is a love story between Tom and Lucy, set against a curious mixture of representative, symbolic, satirical and observational characters, who are colourful, cutting and engaging."

YPT Blackout and Success poster