Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Classes

To find out more and to book, please contact the course tutor using their contact details below.


Beginners Static Trapeze with Jodie Hoffmann

£55 for a 6-week course or £12 per session. Participants must be aged 16 or over

Come and build up your fitness and stamina, have fun and be creative with a highly skilled static trapeze artist. With each session, your skills will improve and you will be surprised how quickly you will be able to create a beautiful trapeze routine to impress your friends! Arms and legs must be covered.

Contact Jodie: 07854 060713 |

Dru Yoga

Tuesdays 6pm – 7.30pm & Thursdays 10.30am – 12pm. £60-£70 depending on lenth of term.  Taster sessions by appointment only

Dru yoga is gentle, kind and suitable for all levels of ability. Come along and give yourself the opportunity to feel really great.

Contact Sue Martin: 01256 326056 |

Hatha Yoga

Mondays 6:15pm – 7pm, £30 for a 6 week course or £6 per session

Yoga is about learning to come back to yourself. It’s about finding your limits, expanding your boundaries, and being able to truly relax into who you are. Yoga's combined focus on mindfulness, breathing and physical movements brings health benefits with regular participation. Yoga participants report better sleep, increased energy levels and muscle tone, relief from muscle pain and stiffness, improved circulation and overall better general health. The breathing aspect of yoga can benefit heart rate and blood pressure.  Through the practice of yoga, you will be able to remember and appreciate who you really are … which you may have forgotten while being caught up in your fast-paced life!

Contact Kati Krivnak: 07450 226719 |

Tai Chi

Mondays 2pm-3pm. £60 for a 10 week course

Tai Chi gently works to strengthen and transform every part and system of the body by restoring proper alignment of the spine in relation to the shoulders and pelvis.  The simple movements can be done by people of all ages and levels of fitness and ability.  Loose clothing recommended.

Contact Tina Hobbs:  01189 810743 |