The Proteans

Proteans by Van

The Proteans are a community workshop company affiliated to Proteus Theatre Company. The group, made up of adults from North Hampshire area, access the diverse actors and artists working with Proteus and in turn create their own work under the banner of 'The Proteans'

It costs as little as £2 per workshop session, and £40 per production to join the busiest workshop company in the South of England. They come and see all Proteus' professional performances and critically engage in the work. They also get involved in the larger participatory projects that Proteus undertakes. Most importantly, the group only undertake performances when they feel like it, and even then, not all the members of the group have to be involved. The acting company is based at the Proteus offices.

If you would like to know when the Proteans will next be meeting then contact Proteus on 01256 354541 or e-mail