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Opening March 2019, touring Autumn 2019

In the city, success is all and ruthless ambition is rewarded.

The only problem is, how do you control it before it consumes you and your family?


Image by D&M Photography

This is London, October 1987, Black Monday.
This is a tale of greed, betrayal and murder.
This is Macbeth.

Award-winning theatre company Proteus present a highly physical re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Macbeth as a corporate thriller which explores race, class and identity, set against the background of the ‘greed is good’ corporate landscape of 1980s Britain.
This new production features movement from George Mann of Theatre Ad Infinitum set to a soundtrack of 80s electro hits, synth-inspired modern classics and interwoven with specially composed original music.

A note from director Mary Swan

"Macbeth is a story of power and corruption, betrayal and sudden violence set within a country divided against itself, against the backdrop of the final death throes of an old political order. Setting the play in 1987 enables us to discuss, through the prism of history, how Thatcher's Britain and Reaganomics created a political and economic landscape of today - how those systems legitamised behemoth corporations acting above the law - like the feuding Thanes of Macbeth's Scotland. With a cast that is seldom seen in major Shakespearean roles, we also seek to highlight the lack of diversity in classical theatre - particularly that accessible to young people - creating an exciting and contemporary physical production that speaks to audiences today."

Image by D&M Photography

Perfect for:

- Fans contemporary adaptations of classical theatre
- Fans of physical theatre
- GCSE/ A-LEVEL English and Drama students
- Migrant communities
- Fans of socially relevant theatre and of course, Proteus previous work!

Suitable for ages 12+

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