Invest in our Future

As you may know, Proteus Theatre Company's home is within the Proteus Creation Space.  The building was purpose-built in 1884 as a school and, more recently, housed the former Fairfields Arts Centre Trust, which hosted exhibitions and classes.

We love our home, but we know there are developments needed to improve your experiences here. We receive core funding from local authorities which covers the basic running costs, leaving very little to go towards our projects or improvements to the facilities, for which we are financially responsible.  The range of activities that we deliver in The Creation Space can only be supported by regular, ongoing fundraising.

One of our primary aims when deciding to move into this building was to make a difference in the community in a way that was not possible in our previous location. The Creation Space not only provides a safe environment for marginalised communities and those at risk from exclusion, but aims to enrich the lives of everyone in the community and beyond.

If you would like to know more about these and other, more ambitious projects such as renovating the artist studios, or would like to discuss making a donation, contact us on 01256 321621.