Artistic Values

These are the values at the heart of all of Proteus’ work, and the criteria by which the company will judge its success:


All the company’s work, regardless of scale, will be of the highest artistic quality. Proteus will seek to work with artists and organisations to deliver participatory and performance work of the highest calibre and ability. Rigorous evaluation and the applied constant evolution of practices and methodology will enable us to measure the quality of each project and performance piece.


Proteus will ensure that all its work has an ingrained integrity. The company will seek to educate, enlighten, entertain, reflect and inspire through its work, and will strive to ensure that all those who experience it are enriched, respected and informed by it.


Proteus will strive to redefine and explore the concept of ‘theatre’. Proteus defines ‘theatre’ as any performance art. Proteus will seek to blur the edges of what is considered to be the performer/audience relationship. The company will seek to work with diverse art forms and diverse artists, exploding the myth of theatre as an irrelevant force. The company’s work will be exciting, relevant and life affirming. Above all, the company’s aim will be to entertain and enlighten all who encounter its work.


Proteus’ work will seek to subvert the view that ‘theatre’ is an elitist form, creating opportunities for individuals to participate and make work alongside professional theatre practitioners. Proteus will also subvert the idea that the relationship between performer and audience is always a passive one, creating performance work that has the capacity to evolve and respond to the audiences it reaches. The company will place the artist at the centre of the work, but the inspiration and driving force for all the company’s work will come from the communities with which it works.

Artistic Values